Restructuring in Turbulent Times

How has the market for your product or service changed and where is the opportunity today?

What is the strategic and financial plan?

 What changes does the business need to make it a reality?

Businesses facing a dramatic change in markets they serve in reaction to the global pandemic must react quickly and make decisions that are prudent yet, warranted in these extraordinary times. Making changes to how a company is capitalized, operating, and leveraging its assets involve pivotal decisions which lead to restructuring plans.

There are many types of business restructuring plans which can occur simultaneously or at different points in time- financial, operational, asset and/or management restructuring

Designing the restructuring plan to adapt the business while meeting the needs of various stakeholders involves many tradeoffs. The plan needs to balance the needs of the business, its shareholders, customers, employees and vendors. “Marketing” the plan to get effective buy-in and then executing on the plan requires a clear strategy and a balance of near-term sacrifice for future reward.  With disciplined execution the plan should enable the business to be properly capitalized with assets that are efficiently used as part of a strategy that creates value for customers and shareholders while rewarding its employees.

If your business is not adapting fast enough to change, then opportunity is being missed and failure is around the corner.  Clear planning and communication are a must when so much is changing. The pace of change should be clearly understood by everyone.

Need help evaluating alternatives for restructuring your business?